A Writer’s Life Interrupted

06 Jul






Reasons for not writing last week:

  1. tired from working forty-plus hours at day job
  2. had to make refreshments for a meeting I was going to
  3. prepared a talk on “Lemon Herbs” for the meeting
  4. went shopping for shoes for a wedding on the weekend
  5. packed my suitcase for out-of-state wedding
  6. three days away with at an incredible resort

Now I have writer’s guilt. I should have been able to write something besides a to-do list. I could have written down conversations I heard at near-by tables at the wedding reception. Instead of taking a Lisa Gardner book with me when I walked to the sandy lakeside beach near our cottage, I could have taken my lap-top or at least pen and paper and written plot ideas for my book. What was I thinking when I drove almost four hours without recording my rapid-firing thoughts on the tension and conflict my protagonist faces? Shame on me for listening to an audio book called “Prayers for Sale”, a gentle story of an old woman and her young friend that was set in a gold-mining town in Colorado during the Depression. Did I even pay attention as I was listening to the book to plot structure and character development? No, I did not as I now hang my head in shame.

But today is another day and last week is just a memory. I am refreshed and renewed. The first draft of “Old Age is a Killer” beckons me to finish Chapter 10. The TV is off. The only noise is the sound of a neighbor mowing his lawn. The cats and dog are fed and sleeping. This blog post is almost done. So it is time.

Talk to you later!

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One response to “A Writer’s Life Interrupted

  1. Kathy

    July 6, 2011 at 5:47 pm

    Kudos for spending time not writing, and for being renewed and refreshed. Chapter 10 will be the better for it!


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